“Rajnath Singh Assures Modernization of Military in Independence Day Eve Message”

"Rajnath Singh Assures Modernization of Military in Independence Day Eve Message"

On the eve of the 77th Independence Day, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh delivered a resolute message to soldiers, affirming the government’s unwavering dedication to modernizing the armed forces. Singh highlighted the emphasis on equipping soldiers with the finest training and technology, underlining their role in safeguarding the nation and responding robustly to any adversarial intent.

Speaking through a radio message to soldiers, Singh reassured that India’s forces are prepared to face emerging challenges head-on. He asserted, “If anyone dares to look at us with ill intention or hostility, our forces will give a befitting reply.” Addressing the ongoing military standoff along the Line of Actual Control, Singh’s words echoed the nation’s determination to uphold its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The minister emphasized the symbiotic relationship between state-of-the-art equipment and effective training, acknowledging that optimal support empowers soldiers to overcome challenges and emerge victorious. Singh highlighted the government’s steadfast commitment to providing the armed forces with world-class resources and training, bolstering their readiness to tackle future contingencies.

Singh also underscored the role of the armed forces in preserving the country’s sovereignty and independence. He stated, “India has always been a peace-loving nation, but that does not mean that it would spare those who cast an evil eye on the country.” He reiterated India’s dedication to peace but made it clear that any ill-intentioned actions would be met with a robust response.

The Defence Minister acknowledged significant steps taken by the government to improve the lives of soldiers and ensure gender equality within the armed forces. He recounted the implementation of the long-pending One Rank, One Pension scheme and the recent revision that disbursed ₹8,413 crore to over 17 lakh pensioners. Additionally, Singh celebrated the induction of women officers into the Artillery Regiment, highlighting the government’s strides towards gender parity within the military.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of the nation, Singh concluded his address by acknowledging the sacrifices and dedication of soldiers across diverse terrains. He remarked, “You all reside in the hearts of 140 crore Indians,” paying tribute to the valiant spirit that protects India’s freedom and security.

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