“Pakistani National Seeks Indian Citizenship Amid Deportation Demands and Love Story Controversy”

In a surprising twist to the case of Pakistani national Seema Haider, who illegally entered India to be with her partner Sachin Meena in Greater Noida, she has filed a petition seeking Indian citizenship. The 30-year-old woman from Sindh submitted her plea to President Droupadi Murmu, expressing her desire to stay in India, citing her profound influence by Indian culture and traditions.

Haider’s journey began when she met Sachin Meena in a private chatroom of the online game PubG in 2020. Their virtual friendship eventually blossomed into love through WhatsApp conversations. In March this year, Haider traveled to Nepal to spend a week with Meena in a hotel room in Kathmandu.

A few months later, in May, Haider crossed multiple international borders, traveling from Karachi to Dubai, then Nepal, before illegally sneaking into India. Accompanied by her four children, she arrived in Greater Noida via Lucknow and Agra, where she reunited with her lover.

On July 4, Haider, Meena, and his father were arrested by the Gautambuddha Nagar Police. Although they secured bail from a local court a few days later, the case took a complicated turn when the Uttar Pradesh Police’s Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) questioned Haider about her family ties and alleged connections with the Pakistan Army.

During the investigation, Haider reportedly demonstrated an impressive command of the English language, leading to suspicions regarding her background. The UP ATS also inquired about her proficiency in Hindi, as she used complex words in her TV interviews. Haider claimed she learned Hindi while playing with Indians on PubG, but when questioned about her partner’s use of simpler Hindi phrases, she remained silent.

Sources indicate that the UP ATS has recommended Haider’s deportation to Pakistan, causing further distress for the petitioner. Haider has expressed fear for her life if she returns to her home country, making her plea for Indian citizenship even more urgent.

As the mystery surrounding Seema Haider’s case continues to unfold, her petition to President Droupadi Murmu has added a new dimension to the saga. Authorities now face the challenging task of determining her fate while weighing the complexities of her love story and the potential risks she may face if repatriated.

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