“Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Reveals 105 Port Facilities Damaged in Russian Attacks”

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Reveals 105 Port Facilities Damaged in Russian Attacks

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has taken a toll on Ukraine’s port infrastructure, with Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov revealing that more than 100 port facilities have suffered damage in Russian attacks since July 18. Additionally, Ukraine’s vital grain exports have been significantly impacted, leading to a decrease of nearly 3 million tons per month.

Deputy Prime Minister Kubrakov conveyed this concerning update on Wednesday, highlighting the extensive damage inflicted upon Ukrainian port facilities. The attacks, which have taken place over the past several weeks, have resulted in the partial destruction of 105 port infrastructure facilities. These facilities play a crucial role in facilitating the nation’s trade and exports.

Furthermore, Kubrakov pointed out the dire consequences of the attacks on Ukraine’s grain exports. Since July 18, the country has witnessed a sharp decline in grain exports, with a staggering reduction of nearly 3 million tons per month. This drop in grain exports has had far-reaching implications, affecting trade with regions in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The timing of this damage aligns with Russia’s decision to withdraw from the U.N.-backed Black Sea grain export deal, which was effective as of July 17. This move has added complexity to the already strained relationship between Russia and Ukraine, impacting not only the nations’ trade but also the global grain market.

The attacks on Ukrainian ports and the subsequent decline in grain exports underscore the devastating impact of the ongoing conflict on both Ukraine’s economy and the global agricultural industry. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains a matter of concern for regional stability and international trade.

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