Rahul Gandhi Unveils ‘Cheyutha’ Scheme Promising Rs 4000 Pension for Elderly, Widows, and Single Women

In a bid to rally support ahead of the upcoming elections in Telangana, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi announced the ‘Cheyutha’ scheme, which guarantees a monthly pension of Rs 4000 for elderly individuals, single women, widows, and the differently-abled if the Congress party comes into power in the state. The announcement was made during a public meeting in Khammam, where Gandhi emphasized the transformative impact of the scheme and its potential to provide financial security to its intended beneficiaries.

Addressing the gathering, Rahul Gandhi described the ‘Cheyutha’ scheme as a historic initiative aimed at empowering women and senior citizens in Telangana. He stated, “We are introducing a groundbreaking scheme called Cheyutha. This scheme will provide a monthly pension of Rs 40,000 to women and senior citizens in Telangana. Additionally, we promise to allocate Podu land to adivasis.”

With the elections in Telangana approaching, the Congress party is leaving no stone unturned to connect with voters and highlight their proposed policies. Gandhi took the opportunity to criticize Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, accusing him of being under the control of Prime Minister Narendra Modi due to the alleged corruption involving the BRS government and Rao’s family members. Gandhi remarked, “the CM even changed his party’s name from TRS to BRS to announce his affinity for the BJP,” referring to it as the ‘B’ team of the BJP.

Highlighting the party’s stance on unity talks with opposition parties, Gandhi expressed his reservations about engaging with the BRS, stating that the Congress would not participate in any meeting where a BJP-aligned party like the BRS was present.

The public meeting in Khammam witnessed a display of unity within the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC), with senior leaders such as Revanth Reddy, Srinivas Reddy, Uttam Kumar Reddy, Bhatti Vikramarka, V. Hanumantha Rao, Renuka Chowdary, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, and D. Sridhar Babu, among others, in attendance. The leaders interacted with each other in a cordial manner, showcasing solidarity and determination to bring about a change in the government.

Rahul Gandhi concluded his speech on an optimistic note, echoing the sentiments expressed by all the leaders present at the meeting. The Khammam Garjana event was deemed a significant step towards toppling the BRS government and paving the way for a transformative future.

As the election campaign gains momentum in Telangana, the ‘Cheyutha’ scheme promises to be a key element in the Congress party’s agenda, aiming to capture the attention and support of voters by addressing the welfare and financial security of vulnerable sections of society.

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