Journalist and Politician Abhijeet Ankush Pawar brings change in society with his contribution

Despite the fact that there are a number of national and state parties, some eminent leaders with their larger-than-life image and great decision making power have made a prominent mark in the history of politics in India. Whether it is about the coronavirus pandemic or the security of the nation, several leaders have taken a step forward to make a notable difference in the society. Knowingly or unknowingly the world has been under the influence of some promising personalities who are time and again showering the world with their wisdom and magnificent minds. Abhijeet Ankush Pawar is one such renowned name who is initiating a movement in the political and journalism industry. Determined, passionate, and focused, he is known to not let anything stand in his way.

Nothing could stop one from accomplishing their dreams if they have set their mind to it and Abhijeet Ankush Pawar is one such example who is manifesting his place in the hearts of people. There is no doubt that with his industrious efforts and passionate outlook, he has come a long way ahead. Hailing from a middle class family to becoming the personal secretary of the renowned personality Dr. Jitendra Awhad, he has proved his mettle in the field of politics. It is said that your hard work always pays off and the same is getting true in the life of the prominent personality Abhijeet Pawar. Apart from being a successful politician the leader is also donning the hat of being a great journalist.

His drive to stand up and speak for justice and his burning desire to go to any extent to help the citizens of the nation is making him stand out from the crowd. His strong will power and clear-headed personality has rewarded him with several remarkable opportunities. Getting inspired from Jitendra Awhad’s service attitude was his moment of epiphany to join the NCP and carve his footprints in the world of politics, social, and cultural arena. Standing firm on his ethics and morality, the politician has always stood on his ground and spoken truth to power.

Talking about the struggles and successes of his life that made him what he is today,  Abhijeet Ankush Pawarn says, “With honesty, grit, and perseverance nothing is impossible, you just have to make sure that you are ready to fight any challenge and put forth your best personality in front of the world. I believe that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Therefore, with each step we should make sure to turn our obstacles into opportunities. And never forget that struggles are the real win, failures are the real life-changing moments and consistency is the real-life winning curve.”

His agitation at the time of the PNB scandal is a matter of concern to many. With his presence at the time of PNB Board to protest against Nirav Modi, he became an inspiring example who fight against the injustice and raise their voice for the wrongdoings. His passion to solve the problems of the common man and the desire to always be there for them have convinced him to opt for the line of politics and journalism where he can voice out his concerns and help people to lead a happy life.

Abhijeet Ankush Pawar’s career touched the skylines after he got the opportunity to work with the reputed personality Dr. Jitendra Awhad. The leader has time and again stood still against all the obstacles and hindrances that challenges his path to success. He has stood aggressively in every social struggle of the Awadh and never stopped doing things that add value to the lives of people.

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