I perform all the duties of a fauji wife: Niti Taylor

After marrying her childhood sweetheart, and now Army officer, in 2020, Niti Taylor is back to work after two years. The actress has resumed with music videos with Pratik Sehajpal and Parth Samthaan. Niti, who was in Chandigarh to shoot for one video on the song by actor and singer, Suyyash Rai says while it seems like she took a sabbatical for her wedding, the truth is, “I was too scared to start shooting because of the pandemic.”

 WeShe adds, “People think I took a break because of my marriage, but the fact is when I got married the pandemic started raging and I have health issues. I was scared to come to Mumbai because if I got COVID I would be all by myself. It was scary in both the first and second waves as people got badly affected and I didn’t want that for myself.”

Having taken two years off, Niti is now confident of getting back on sets. “Now I have come to terms that if at all I get COVID, it won’t be as bad,” she says, adding, “I am still very careful on sets and wear a double mask though I see no one around is wearing them anymore. I am glad I come from an Army background where everything is so systematic, and you have to mask up. I am super finicky. It irritates a lot of people, but I don’t care, I need to be safe at the end of the day.”

Since her marriage Niti has been playing her part of being a fauji wife, dutifully. “I attend Welfare Center and do my regimental duties, and everything required of me. My husband is a blessing in my life and strongly supports my every decision. He nudges me to go to Mumbai and start working. He doesn’t know anything about the industry and asks cute questions like you have to shoot for 12 hours etc. My in-laws are more supportive and excited about my work than my own parents.” Niti, who got married amid four people only including her parents and in-laws due to the COVID protocol, is still waiting to host a lavish wedding function. “Though small, ours was a beautiful Gurudwara wedding. We thought karni toh hai hi shaadi, toh abhi kar lete hain. But, since Parikshit’s sisters and my family are abroad and haven’t been able to travel yet because of restrictions, even after two years we are waiting for a proper shaadi function.”

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