Heavy Rain Triggers Devastating Landslides in Sikkim, Damaging Infrastructure and Displacing Residents

Sikkim, India – Multiple landslides triggered by heavy rainfall have wreaked havoc in Sikkim’s West district, causing extensive damage to infrastructure and properties. Over 100 houses have been damaged, and bridges have been swept away, leading to the disruption of essential transportation routes. While no casualties have been reported thus far, the relentless rain has led to rising river levels and increased concerns for the safety of the affected communities.

The incessant rainfall has caused several rivers in the region to swell above the danger level, compounding the challenges faced by local residents. An orange alert has been issued for heavy rain and thunderstorms in northeast India over the next three days, indicating the urgency of the situation and the need for swift response measures.

Among the areas severely impacted is the road connecting Uttarey to Sopakha, which has seen the complete destruction of two bridges. Additionally, nearby trout fish and poultry farms have been washed away, incurring significant losses for the local economy. Similarly, the road linking Dentam with Pelling and Gyalshing has been entirely washed away by the relentless force of the Kalaz River, claiming a kaccha house, a cement building, two crematory sheds, and an excavator.

In Sombaria, the house of Dawa Sangay Sherpa at Lower Okhrey is on the verge of collapse due to the unrelenting rainfall. Thankfully, all occupants have been safely relocated to a secure location, mitigating the immediate risk to their lives.

The volume of River Ramam has surged, damaging all temporary bridges at border areas that connect West Bengal. This has resulted in further isolation for the affected communities and raised concerns over their accessibility and provision of essential supplies.

In the North Sikkim district, heavy rains have struck Lachen, Lachung, and Chungthang valleys, leading to the blockade of the road from the district headquarters in Mangan to Chungthang at Pegong Supply Khola. This disruption in traffic has left around 3,500 tourists stranded in North Sikkim, trapped by landslides and roadblocks. Fortunately, the army swiftly organized rescue operations to ensure the safe evacuation of the stranded tourists, providing relief amid the crisis.

Authorities have urged residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions while the orange alert remains in effect. Disaster response teams and local authorities are working tirelessly to assess the damage, restore vital infrastructure, and provide relief to affected communities.

The devastating landslides and extensive damage caused by the heavy rain highlight the urgent need for proactive measures to manage such natural disasters and strengthen infrastructure resilience in vulnerable regions. As the situation unfolds, the local and regional authorities will continue to monitor the developments closely and provide necessary assistance to those affected, while striving to prevent further loss and ensure the safety of residents in Sikkim.

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