“External Affairs Minister Jaishankar Calls for India’s Leadership in Uniting a Divided World”

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Emphasizes India's Role in Uniting a Divided World

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar highlighted India’s responsibility to bridge the divide in today’s divided world, during an address at Hindu College. He pointed out that the current global landscape is characterized by divisions, both between North-South and East-West, and India has a crucial role in fostering unity.

Addressing students, Jaishankar emphasized the significance of India’s G20 presidency at a time when the world is grappling with challenges such as health, education, nutrition, energy, and environmental issues. He acknowledged that the Ukraine conflict has further polarized nations into East and West, magnifying the need for bridging divides.

The Minister underscored India’s role in mitigating the impact of the Ukraine war on fuel prices, food grains, and fertilizers, which have consequently affected the global economy. He outlined the importance of India’s G20 presidency in navigating these challenges.

Jaishankar lauded India’s standing on the global stage, attributing it to the country’s robust governance, flourishing economy, advanced technology, and independent foreign policy. He commended India’s rapid recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlighted the significance of the year 2023 in shaping India’s reputation through its G20 presidency.

Regarding India’s future, Jaishankar urged youth to play a pivotal role in the nation’s journey to becoming a developed country. He called on them to embrace change and revolutions with enthusiasm, as these shifts characterize the “New India.” He stressed the importance of continuity in these efforts over the next 25 years to achieve India’s development goals by 2047.

Addressing India’s position in the global arena, Jaishankar emphasized that India’s enormous population and the fifth-largest economy worldwide make it an indispensable player. He highlighted India’s aspiration for permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council, citing its significant presence and influence in the international community.

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