Delhi Police Receives Threatening Calls to Kill PM, Union Home Minister, and Bihar CM

Delhi Police was alerted on Wednesday after receiving two separate PCR calls threatening the lives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The caller, identified as Sudheer Sharma from the Madipur constituency in Delhi, prompted a swift response from law enforcement authorities.

In response to the alarming calls, a dedicated team was promptly deployed to trace the location of the anonymous caller, as confirmed by a senior police official. The accused, Sudheer Sharma, is reported to be a resident of Madipur and is known to be a habitual drinker. It is believed that Sharma may have been under the influence of alcohol when making the threatening calls.

The Delhi Police has launched a comprehensive investigation to identify the whereabouts of Sudheer Sharma and ascertain the motives behind the threatening calls. Such incidents are taken extremely seriously, given the gravity of the threats made against public figures.

This is not the first time that Delhi Police has encountered such cases. In a similar incident last month, a man named Hemant Kumar, residing in Raigar Pura, Karol Bagh, was apprehended for making a PCR call and allegedly issuing a warning regarding a threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Following the receipt of the PCR call, a police team was dispatched to the location mentioned by Hemant Kumar. He was subsequently brought to the police station for further investigation. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police Pranav Tayal, Hemant Kumar had been unemployed for the past six years and had developed a drinking habit. It was determined that he made the threatening call while under the influence of alcohol.

Law enforcement agencies take these incidents seriously and employ rigorous measures to ensure the safety and security of public figures. The Delhi Police will continue their efforts to locate Sudheer Sharma and bring him to justice for making the threatening calls.

The investigation is ongoing, and the Delhi Police urges the public to report any suspicious activities or information that may aid in locating the accused. Threats against public figures are treated as high-priority cases, and appropriate actions will be taken to maintain the security and well-being of those in positions of leadership.

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