“Bond Beyond Borders: PM Modi to Embrace 30-Year Rakhi Tradition with Pakistani-Origin Sister”

Pakistani-Origin Rakhi Sister to Visit Delhi, Tie PM Modi Rakhi for 30th Consecutive Year

In a heartwarming tradition spanning three decades, Qamar Mohsin Sheikh, known as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Rakhi sister from Pakistan, is making a special journey to New Delhi to personally tie a rakhi on the Prime Minister’s wrist on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. This year, she has handcrafted the rakhi herself and plans to gift him a book on agriculture, reflecting his interest in reading.

For over 30 years, Sheikh, who moved to India from Pakistan after her marriage, has been sending a rakhi to Prime Minister Modi as a symbol of their bond. Sharing her excitement about their upcoming meeting, Sheikh expressed, “For the last two-three years, I was unable to go due to Covid-19, but this time, I will meet him in person.”

Sheikh’s gesture carries deep symbolism. She revealed, “I have specifically made a red-coloured rakhi for him. The red colour is considered a symbol of strength… Whenever I tied the rakhi, I used to express my desire for him to become the prime minister. His response was always affirmative, saying that all your wishes will be fulfilled by God.” Now, witnessing his commendable work for the nation as the Prime Minister, she feels his capabilities are evident in his leadership.

Reflecting on their enduring connection, Sheikh shared that earlier, she prayed for him to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat, a wish that came true. She also expressed confidence in his future as she said, “There is no doubt, he will be the prime minister again. He deserves this because he has those capabilities and I wish him to be PM of India every time.”

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival where sisters tie rakhi, a sacred thread, on their brothers’ wrists, symbolizing their protection and well-being. In contemporary times, this gesture of love and care is reciprocated by brothers as well. Celebrated on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shravana, typically falling in August, Raksha Bandhan holds deep cultural significance in India.

As Sheikh continues to foster this unique and heartwarming bond with Prime Minister Modi, her visit to Delhi to personally tie the rakhi becomes a symbol of cross-border friendship, transcending boundaries and embodying the spirit of unity and shared values.

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