BizGyani – turns table of the EdTech industry under the leadership of Gaurav Pramanik

The pandemic has changed the mode of learning, and the introduction of ‘online courses’ has boosted the area of education. There is no doubt that with the introduction of EdTech courses, new standards and new-age concepts are being given prime importance to bring extraordinary results to the corporate sector. With the digital industry taking the internet by storm and creating its revolutionary impact, many business leaders have started moving towards EdTech to bring exemplary services to the corporate sector. Considering the surging demand of the booming digital world, BizGyani stepped into the EdTech realm, helping students to gain a deep understanding of the industry and providing an easier chance to people who wish to upskill themselves and be industry-ready.
Establishing his company in the EdTech industry, Gaurav Pramanik never surrendered to failures but instead held his head high with the mission to create strides in the professional realm. With an exemplary approach and fruitful tactics, the founder produces quality content that ensures the business climbs the corporate ladder and makes its strong presence in the EdTech realm. With the firm ‘Bizgyani’ the founder promises to provide first-class courses to the people and aims to provide personal mentoring to individuals while also sharing entrepreneurial skills.
The firm ‘BizGyani is an online learning platform that focuses on offering skills based courses, like self development, digital marketing, soft skills, high demanded courses, and freelancing mastery courses that enhances the entrepreneur’s skills and supports the emerging business tycoons striving hard to position themselves as the corporate leader. By offering top-notch courses under one roof, Bizgyani provides an opportunity to become an affiliate and earn a commission on the promotion of courses available on the platform ‘Bizgyani’.
Talking about his successful entrepreneurial journey, the founder Gaurav Pramanik says, “To achieve something big, you have to put your best foot forward and bring something that nobody has introduced yet. As we all know that the digital industry is expanding its wings and revolutionizing ordinary concepts into extraordinary vision, the EdTech industry has positioned itself as an emerging field of the business world.” He further added, “When you take a step forward to embark on the journey of success, it is for sure that hurdles and obstacles will challenge you to go back to where you started from. But what matters are your consistent efforts and constructive thinking that paves your way to the path of success. People will push you backward, but your mission to achieve the extraordinary will make you stand firm on your ambitions and goals.”
With continuous efforts and excellent methodologies, the brand is reaching a broader target audience and has successfully built its reputation in the eyes of more than 5,000 students. Founded in 2022, the firm brings its distinctive approach and unique course to the educational sector. With the vision to bridge the gap between what people are taught and what the industry needs, the leader brings one-of-a-kind services in the business realm and is changing the dynamics of the EdTech universe.

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