“Bear in Chinese Zoo Denies Being a Human in Disguise Amid Viral Video Controversy”

Chinese Zoo Denies Bear is a Human in Disguise After Viral Video Sparks Speculation

A Chinese zoo in Hangzhou city has been forced to refute claims that its sun bear is actually a human dressed in a bear costume. The controversy arose after a video clip of the bear standing on its hind legs and interacting with visitors went viral on Chinese social media.

Online users began doubting the authenticity of the bear, suggesting that its bipedal posture and wrinkled skin indicated it could be a human impersonating a bear. However, the zoo swiftly dismissed the allegations, stating in a statement, written humorously from the bear’s perspective, that the animal is indeed real and its critics simply “don’t understand” it.

In the statement, the bear, named Angela, shared, “The zoo director called me after work yesterday and asked if I’d been slacking off by finding a two-legged beast to replace me. Some people thought the way I stand up looks too human… so I will stress again: I’m a sun bear!”

Sun bears are native to Southeast Asia and are recognized for a distinctive patch of bright orange or cream-colored chest fur contrasting against their jet-black coat. As the smallest bear species, about the size of a large dog, they are classified as vulnerable due to habitat loss from deforestation and wildlife trade.

This is not the first time Chinese zoos have faced controversy regarding their exhibits. Previous incidents included a zoo passing off a hairy dog as an “African lion” and a pool filled with penguin-shaped balloons, sparking public outcry over the authenticity of their animal displays.

While the zoo’s denial may put some doubts to rest, the viral video has once again highlighted the importance of ethical treatment and transparency in animal exhibits to avoid misleading the public.

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