“Arvind Kejriwal’s Independence Day Vision: Harmony, Basic Facilities, and Unity Key to India’s Advancement”

Arvind Kejriwal's Independence Day Address: "Harmony and Basic Facilities Key to India's Progress"

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal delivered a thought-provoking address during his government’s Independence Day event at Chhatrasal Stadium in north Delhi. Emphasizing the necessity of harmony, quality education, good healthcare, and uninterrupted power supply, Kejriwal outlined his vision for India’s progress.

Kejriwal stated that for India to attain the status of “vishwaguru” or a global leader, people need to live in unity and enjoy fundamental amenities. He underscored the need for a harmonious society, highlighting the recent turmoil in places like Manipur and Haryana. “How will we become vishwaguru if we keep fighting amongst ourselves? If we have to become vishwaguru and the number one country, we will have to live like a family,” he asserted.

Discussing the recent flooding in Delhi, Kejriwal praised the collective efforts of the city’s residents and the local government in managing the natural disaster with support from the central government.

Kejriwal’s speech encompassed various aspects of national progress. He touched upon issues like long power cuts in certain parts of the country, emphasizing that India cannot achieve its potential if such disruptions persist. He attributed these problems to mismanagement and lack of vision. In contrast, he highlighted Delhi’s 24×7 power supply, attributing it to efficient governance.

The Chief Minister lamented the state of government schools across the country and the need to ensure quality education for every child. He estimated that ₹6 lakh crore would be required over five years to improve government schools nationwide, asserting that this investment is necessary for India’s advancement.

Kejriwal also addressed the criticism he faces for offering facilities like free electricity and quality healthcare. He challenged the citizens to choose between providing 200 units of free electricity or loan waivers for multi-millionaires, emphasizing his commitment to social welfare.

He strongly emphasized the necessity of good healthcare for all citizens, highlighting the need to establish mohalla clinics across the country, with an estimated cost of ₹10,000 crore for one lakh clinics. He stated that ₹2 lakh crore would be required to provide free healthcare to the entire nation.

Addressing recent legal changes impacting administrative services in Delhi, Kejriwal vowed to reclaim the democratic rights of Delhi’s citizens. He affirmed his commitment to continuing the government’s initiatives in education and healthcare, regardless of obstacles.

Kejriwal’s speech resonated with the importance of unity, the provision of basic amenities, and the cultivation of positive energy in the country. He called for a collective effort to make India a world leader, urging citizens to work together for the nation’s progress.

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